The New Zealand Weather Network (NZWN) is currently looking for new members to contribute their data to the network. Our goal is to have a comprehensive view of weather conditions across New Zealand. If you are a personal weather station owner / operator, please let us know and we will consider adding you to our network. We are especially looking for stations in the more remote parts of our service area.

At the current time, we can pull data from users of Weather Display, Cumulus, WeatherLink and Virtual Weather Station. If you meet these requirements and would like to join, please read the instructions on how to configure your station, these can be found at NZWN Instructions. Then all you need to do is register on the forum and contact the admin, so that you can be added to the dedicated NZWN section. We will then take your location and station URL details and add you to the map!

For a list of active Weather Stations, please visit NZWN Weather Station Listings