Current Conditions at 11:45 on 17/05/12

  • Air Temp: 12.4 °C
  • Wind Chill: 12.4°C
  • Dew Point: 6.7°C
  • Pressure: 1002.4 hPa
  • Humidity: 68%
  • Wind Speed: 6.9 kmh
  • Wind Direction: SSE
  • Daily Rain: mm
  • Current Rain Rate: mm/hr
  • Max Rain Rate: mm/hr
  • Annual Rain: 205.6 mm
  • Observation: Dry

Welcome to Springston Weather Station

Springston PWS

Springston Weather Station (or SAWS in its shortened format) is located 20km to the south of Christchurch, New Zealand in the rural area of Springston. It is a new weather station, having been setup and tested during February 2010. The weatehr station was upgraded in Februrary 2012, to ensure more accurate data collection. Exact details of the setup and operation of Springston Weather Station can be seen in more detail on the page titled Station Details.

One of the first things you will notice about SAWS is that its different. The aim is to be intentionally unique, to set the station above and beyond that of the mainstream personal weather station website. There are no "out of the box" web templates, so the site has its own personality. The weather sensors are positioned as close as possible to the requirements defined by the Royal Meteorological Society (in as far as the confines of a privately owned section will allow) and the data provided is regularly cross checked and calibrated against reference sources and secondary equipment.

It should be noted however, that whilst the aim is to record weather accurately at the site of the weather station at any given time, you should never base important decisions on this or any weather information obtained from the internet.

Springston AWS

12 February 2012 | Major Upgrade


Springston Automatic Weather Station is currently undergoing a major upgrade. This will allow for more accurate data collection, which in turn will provide for more accurate weather forecasts. Unfortuantely in certain contions the existing equipment is reading upto 3C higher than it should be. The new equipment is being tested in an offline environment and an announcement will be made on the site when the new data is available for use.

Springston AWS

12 February 2012 | Software switchover


Springston Automatic Weather Station website pages are now being switched over to accommodate the new software. As a result you may notice some changes. The biggest impact will be that the station records have been reset. This is deliberate decision as the records over time would give a false comparison, seeing as the station location, equipment and software have all changed. An annoucement will be made when the changes are complete.